ITALIAN CONCEPT SOLUTIONS provides the most complete professional home interior design service available, combining quality of design and attention to detail with vast experience to create truly outstanding homes, while lovingly retaining heritage features and developing their potential to maximise space and light.The languages in the office include English, Italian, Spanish and French.

How we work

Our expert designers will take the time with you to outline what it is exactly you need to be achieved and will very quickly be able to use their knowledge of our extensive range of products to help you form a clearer image of what you want at the end, what products can be used and also discuss a time frame and budget with you to make sure everything stays within these perameters.


This is an essential part of the data collection and is divided into two phases: the measurement of measurements to realize scale drawings on which to base the design and distribution of spaces, then an accurate analysis of the existing space. Detailed measurements, taken in a systematic manner, shall be reported on an approximate plan and shall include wall furniture, and an indication of the position of existing services such as exhaust pipes, gas pipelines, radiators. Electrical sockets and switches. The depth and height of the baseboards and any wall frames must also be measured. The height of window sills from the floor, the depth and width of window sills, bundles and lintels in the windows.


Identifying the style the client has in mind is sometimes difficult because it can be a question of interpretation or even misinterpretation. Customers and designers may have very different ideas of what, for example, characterizes the modern or classic style and for this reason we advise the customer to provide us with some pictures taken from magazines that illustrate the desired result. On the contrary, in some cases the client gives very clear indications about style; however, if it is of open views or does not pursue a precise idea, we have many options open to us.


First of all, as a basic concept, we have to realize the customer's desire with colours and the directional flow of space with the choice of materials, material contrast, patterns and reflective surfaces guaranteeing harmony and balance to the project, then we have to develop and refine it with the help of drawings, photos or sketches or three-dimensional projects to visualize the effect of a particular style or project within a space.


Flexibility and open-mindedness are the prerequisites for developing a space enhancing its functional and aesthetic aspects. The process of creation and design can sometimes be very tiring and there is always a strong temptation to apply the first imagined solution, but we continue to look for alternatives, among which we may find the right solution. When we design a space we always take into consideration many factors, in addition to style, dimensions and proportions, which are the foundations of design, being aware of their responsibility towards nature we advise the customer to choose materials that have a minimum environmental impact. In addition, our projects are designed in such a way as to make possible improvements easy to implement and not too costly.